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Atualizado: Novembro 2020

Writing is not an easy task, especially nowadays when our attention span is less than a goldfish.

This doesn’t help when your job is to create content for a living, or even if you just need to create notes and stay organized.

There are a number of apps that help to collect your thoughts and organize your notes, but sometimes it’s hard to navigate in a sea of software out there.

And I’ve tried a lot of them, from complicated ones like Scrivener and My Notes Keeper, to more simple ones like SimpleNote or Google Keep.

But all of them weren’t “quite there”. Scrivener was a bit overwhelming, and not really created for note taking, SimpleNote was, well, too simple.

I even tried apps like Notion and Coda, but they were way overkill, as they’re more like an “all-round” to organize your life and not focused on writing and note taking.

Somehow I happened to stumble upon Inspire, and my dream came true: a writing and note taking app that was not overwhelming and not bland: it has just the right touch.

After installing, I rapidly onboarded myself and started writing and organizing notes.

There’s a useful “Introduction” that gets you up to speed, with examples of markdown code. For more information on markdown you can use in Inspire, see this Markdown Guide.

You can organize your work with Inspire in a hierarchy that makes sense by grouping your articles into groups, accessible from the menu on the left.

It’s possible to collapse the menu and focus just on writing by pressing Ctrl+2: press it a few times and you’ll be toggling between views to suit your preferences.

Want to export your work? Easy, you can save your writings to multiple formats such as PDF, HTML, DOC, etc.

You can also publish to WordPress and Medium from within Inspire. This blog post was wrote in Inspire and published to my WordPress website.

There’s also the option to backup to the cloud (box, dropbox, onedrive and google drive) with cloud sync among multiple PC’s.

There are so many cool options with Inspire that I don’t think I’m doing it the praise it deserves with this review.

So just see for yourself, download the trial and start writing and note taking, distraction—free:

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