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Atualizado: Dezembro 2019 is a marketing automation tool with everything you need to convert your site visitors into customers.

I only started using it for a few days and already see the potential of what can be done in Platformly, to the point I get a little intimitaded with the possibilities.

From marketing directors, to small business owners, a lot of people feel overwhelmed with software and services that are supposed to make their lives easier.

When people think in marketing automation tools, they think about having to hire expensive developers or plucking their hair out trying to use the platform.

But with, they made it simple: the interface is clean and easy to use.

Even though there are a LOT of options and things to do in Platformly, everything is organized where it should be, so it can be easily accessible.

Depending on what you need or want to do, you can instantly access it through the menu.

This is what you’ll see when you login for the first time.

They also make it easy to learn about what you can do, and how to do things, in Platformly.

You’ll notice there is an onboarding chat help in the lower left corner, which helps you “move before you’re ready”, to learn while you’re doing the steps. That’s the best way to learn, by doing.

Platformly’s onboarding gets you “moving before you’re ready”.

It’s true that many users get put off by complicated software. It’s a fine line to being able to have a powerful set of features and present it in an intuitive and clear manner.

With Plaformly you get both.

Also, check out my video review on YouTube.

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