Robert Shoaks

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Atualizado: Novembro 2020

Robert Shoaks is in his mid 30s. He acts as a independent consultant for corporations, but mostly to whoever can hire him. His job is to avoid heavy taxes, fines or loss of reputation to insurance or pharmaceutical companies sending him to investigate claims or cases that could get out of control.

He has been selling since he was 5 years old, with lemonade stands, and throughout all his life as a sales person. This has given him an edge in communication skills and the ability to persuade and influence people.

Robert can downplay or up play himself whenever needed. He can connect with people and get rapport with them, but sometimes chooses not to, but instead confront them in order to get what he wants, be it a confession if the person is guilty or obtain clues from innocent people that lead them to a resolution.

The reason he works as a problem solver for these companies is that he has lost his best friend due to a drug related incident covering up the secondary effects of the drug. This has made him use his skills to hunt down and expose this cover up, which has gained him notoriety, and he is now hired by the industry he formerly wanted to destroy.

As events unfold, he realizes the company he exposed is part of a bigger scheme, involving other players and corporations that are already doing the same with other drugs. Since he lacks proof, and actively exposing these people without proof would only make put them more on their guard, Robert decides to continue working as a consultant and hopefully getting more leads that will point him in the direction of exposing the persons responsible for making money at the cost of people’s lives.

Although he has a thick skin and is very acute to people, underneath he is afraid to emotionally connect with them, especially women, although he is successful on a physical level with them.

This is Robert Shoaks’ story.

This was an assignment for The Future of Storytelling course on Iversity.

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