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Atualizado: Novembro 2020

Youtube Year in Review 2012

Official Video

This is the official video by Youtube capturing the most viral videos and trends in 2012 on youtube.

On Tuesday, December 18th, if you glanced at top left corner of the screen you could see a different icon. Upon hovering over it you would get Park Jae Sung’s dancing dummy, Gangnam Style 🙂

youtube-icon-year-2012-review       youtube-icon-year-2012-review-dancing

Clicking the icon will get you to Rewind YouTube Style 2012 video.

You can also check out the Behind the Scenes and the Interactive Timeline video below.

Behind the Scenes + Outtakes from Rewind YouTube Style 2012

Interactive Timeline: YouTube Rewind 2012 (Global)

I really like their gangnam style pic made for the video.

Rewind 2012 - Youtube Style
2012 – Year in Review – Youtube Style

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